Our Blogging Team

~ Ainsley Reid ~

Principal Planner Ainsley’s Affairs

Ainsley started her business in 2008 (her biz originally started as Idea! Weddings & Events, but changed over to Ainsley’s Affairs in 2012), and has loved every minute of growing it in to a successful business, and a friendly place for couples to start their wedding plans. Ainsley lives with her boyfriend of 3 years, Todd, Jack Russell Terrier, Oscar, and her goofy kitten, Lewis. Besides that, Ainsley LOVES DIYs, peonies, long bicycle rides and turning the cover of a new wedding magazine.

~ Madison Hope ~

Graphic Designer for Ainsley’s Affairs, Owner of Hope & Co. www.hopestudioco.com 

Madison is a new addition to the Idea! Weddings & Events Blogging team. Every Wednesday Madison heads up the Wedding Wednesday weekly inspiration post, and brings to life themes, colours, palettes and graphics all in to one beautiful post. Madison is also available for wedding invitations and stationary, as well as logo design, and creative imagery.

~ Our Weekly Bridal Bloggers ~

Our Guest Bloggers:

American Bridal Blogger:

~ Emily Shawgo ~

Bridal Blogger for Ainsley’s Affairs, owner of Emily Kay Photography (emkayphotography.com), and blogger at emilyshawgo.wordpress.com, and is getting married in 2013!

Emily is from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and her fiance, Matt, lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Their wedding will be in Fort Wayne on March 9, 2013.  After their wedding, Emily will move to Indy with her new hubby (yay!) and hopes to eventually start a full-time photography business.  She loves all things creative, and spends most of her time taking photos, blogging, baking, and of course, wedding planning.

Our Vancouver DIY Blogger:

~ Tiffany Brown ~

Tiffany is our Bi-Weekly DIY Blogger, and is getting married in 2013!

Tiffany is 28 years old and works in marketing and PR for an Interior Design and Floor Coverings Retail Firm. She also considers herself a professional crafter. A couple years ago, she went out to celebrate a birthday at a local pub. A mutual friend dragged a long a tough looking guy covered in tattoos: Henry. This tough-guy image being a weakness for this girly-girl, she quirky picked him up that night and they spent the next two years by each others side. In actual fact he was not a tough guy at all. They shared a sweet spot for cuddles, dogs, getting goofy and dressing up for theme parties, and a serious passion for laughing A LOT. Which worked out well considering it’s all they do. On a trip back to his home town, Grand Forks, Henry took Tiffany up to the peak of town. A look out known for motor cross and parties and one of their initial romantic moments as a new couple. Looking out over the entire town, they goofed around as usual taking photographs. As he sneakily took some photos of her from behind, little did she know he was also mastering the down-on-one-knee position, camera and ring box in each hand. When directed to turn around, not only did he snap pics of her shocked expression (and delighted of course!) he also held the little red box and the shiny diamond ring. So on August 31st of 2013, next Summer, two families will become one. It will be an outdoor wedding with a rustic feel, a perfect way to represent where of them have come from and how down to earth they are.

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