Chris + Kara – True Love Story – July 2011 Wedding

I was so thrilled to do the “day – of” services for my dear friends Chris & Kara, as they embarked on the next chapter of their lives together. They are really the sweetest couple, and they have an amazing love story. Check out some of the stunning photos of this gorgeous couple, their wedding, and how she describes it all down at the bottom of the blog!

From The Bride:

About us: Chris and I met at a local summer camp when we were about 14 years old. After a couple of summers of  being friends only at camp, we started to hang out during the year and started to date May of 2002. I left for university in Toronto after graduation in 2003 and we decided to do whatever we could to make our relationship work through the long distance. There were moments of doubt and glorious days spent together on school vacations and somehow we made it work. Once I came back home again in 2008, we took a year of living in the same time zone together before deciding to move in together. In June 2009 we found a basement suite and started the next chapter of our lives together – finally in one place! Of course, after 7 years of being a couple we had many questions about when we would be getting married but those curious folks (and I!) were just going to have to wait a bit longer before Chris decided it was time to take that leap…

The Proposal: I have to warn all you readers out there, this is not an extremely romantic proposal story, but it’s mine and Chris’ and I don’t think I’d change a thing about it! January 2010 – hints were being made and I was starting to catch on so I figured that with my birthday only a few days away that I’d be getting a  nice birthday gift this year! But, my birthday came and went, then Valentine’s Day passed and I was starting to wonder when that ring was going to present itself! March started to get busy and with our opposite work schedules Chris and I weren’t seeing each other very much. We made a point of planning a date night Saturday March 13th. After work and a couple of social engagements. I came home and started doing the laundry. At the time, our laundry room had a tiny window that looked out to the pathway leading to our door. I saw Chris approaching with a few groceries and he smiled first at our cat sitting in the window then at me. He came in the door, placed the groceries on the laundry room floor and made me stop putting clothes in the washing machine. He started to tell me some wonderfully sweet things and gave me a kiss. At this point I know whats coming (and can’t believe he’s going to propose while I’m doing the laundry!) and he leads me into the spare room of our basement suite where he’s had the ring hiding. Chris got down on his knees (yes, both for some reason!) and asked me to be his wife – and of course I said yes! The groceries he’d bought were for dinner and he proceeded to cook us a delicious dinner! Like I said at the beginning, it wasn’t a huge, overly planned proposal, but it was from the heart, simple, and low key which sums us up in a nutshell.

The Planning: Since we were engaged in March 2010 and knew that we wanted a summer wedding, we decided fairly early on that we were not prepared to plan a wedding in 4 months time. So we opted to get married in 2011. The first thing we agreed on was the location. Having met at summer camp and knowing that that camp had recently been converted into a public park, it was without a doubt a unanimous decision and the perfect place to have our ceremony and reception. Since I now had over a year to put the wedding together, I had lots of time to think about food, decor, music, etc. I did attend a Bridal Show in January 2011 but since I already had most of the major decisions made by then, I found it very overwhelming and slightly unnecessary! Once the date was chosen, we booked the halls at Kwomais Point Park, chose our minister who was a family friend, chose our colours (green for Chris and pink for me!), chose our wedding party, found outifts for the men while Christmas shopping, and started scouring craigslist for good deals on things we could use. I found our candy buffet jars and scoops from another bride, bought an entire roll of tulle for the decor, found a florist with decent prices, ordered bulk gerbera daisies from Safeway (which with a couple of friends created centerpieces and window decoration in the green wine bottles my mom found at the thrift shop), collected picture frames on sale also for centerpieces and got my dad on making collages of photos of both Chris and myself growing up in lieu of a slide show. We decided to save money on a DJ and instead put together a playlist on the compute which one of our groomsmen put together for us. There was a woman at my church who I knew I could trust with making great food so she and her business partner came together to give me a great deal on our finger foods for the reception. My cousin’s husband is a photographer and he graciously agreed at our annual family camping trip to take on our wedding even though they live in Edmonton! My mom made my dress, I wore her veil, and other than the maid of honour who made her own dress, my mother also sewed the other bridesmaids dresses, the flower girl’s dress, and her own outfit! We bought Chris a suit that he would be able to wear again if he should ever need to. Everything was falling into place quite nicely! Around February I was introduced to  Ainsley of Idea! Weddings and Events through our friend whom she had started dating and when I discovered that she was a wedding coordinator I asked her if she’d like to assist with out wedding day. Chris and I had most of the choices made and decor plans in place, but it was great to have Ainsley available on the day of the wedding and the weeks leading up to the big day. She helped me pick my hair extentions (more stressful than you might imagine!) and helped with some of the tedious cutting and pasting of the various DIY projects I had on the go. I had a number of family members and friends from out of town who wanted to help with decorating so that became the team that Ainsley was able to direct and manage on the day of the wedding. All in all the planning process was stressful but really not that bad absolutely worth it! We planned a wedding that was just “us”. It was a day filled with love, family, and fun. I would not change a thing about the wedding – except perhaps making it last longer!

Freaky Frazzled Fridays! – Q&A: “Where Can I get good Bridal Shoes?”


I have been struggling to find a good pair of bridal shoes. I have pondered wearing coloured shoes, however, I am going for a totally classic look, and to me, white (or creme) is what I want to wear. Please help me find the perfect pair of shoes!

– The Crazy Shoe Girl”

Hello Crazy Shoe Girl!

We totally understand your frustrations! Gone are the days when you used to be able to go to your neighbourhood shoe store and get them to match your shoes to your dress (some might not even know that they did that)! I applaud you for sticking to your guns, and not swaying towards “what is popular”. I have a suspicion that you are going for a “Jackie O” inspiration, 50’s/60’s glam wedding. SO posh. SO cute!

As far as finding wedding shoes and finding them here in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, it can get tough, but I can help you with a few names of stores to steer you in the right direction!

1. Lords Shoes – Lords has a phenomenal selection of shoes, at various prices. Lords has been around for many years and has years of experience handling brides, and their many requests for matching, and beautiful bridal shoe apparel!

Their Website:

Here is some of their selection:

2. The Bay – Shoe Department – The Bay has turned a new leaf these past few years, and we LOVE their shoe department! Filled with gorgeous shoes of many shapes and colours, it never ceases to amaze and delight our fashion crazed eyes. Dependant on the season you will find more options for light and cream shoes, however, never feel afraid to ask one of their sales staff if they have any recommendations!

3. Gravity Pope – Gravity pope has a couple of stores here in the lowermainland, and every time I visit them, I always feel surprised by my finds! They have a wide variety of designer and non designer shoes, and are constantly getting in new stock. I have also had a lot of luck ordering in shoes through Gravity Pope, and think that you will probably be able to find the perfect wedding shoe at their store!

Here is their website:

Those are our top 3 stores to find a pair of beautiful bridal shoes! We hope that this first ever “Freaky Frazzled Friday” was exactly what you needed to find the perfect pair!

Stay young, and love you all!

Ainsley xoxo

#17 – Less is always more – 2013 wedding trends

In the age of huge floral centre pieces, 16 bridesmaids and 18 groomsmen, gowns straight off the runway, or even worse, off of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, isn’t it time for some simplicity? Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE big weddings! Means I get to have TONS of fun planning elaborate and intricate weddings that thrill the senses! However, I firmly believe that a little simplicity goes a long way.

Imagine a reception table. No, not 15 rounds, but 3 looooong rectangular tables (we’re talking like long enough to seat 60). Now focus on the one in the middle. On this table you have one beautiful striped gold and silver table runner. Throw 5 gorgeous small, yet elegant, floral centre pieces, going no further than ones nose, so that you can still see the guest across from you. Throw some gorgeous candles and crystal holders on there, white and simple place settings with simple crystal glasses. You now have a simple, stunning and gorgeous table. There is no need for $1500 dollar table centres, when you can easily make your wedding simple, stunning and easy for all to make and create. (especially you Miss. DIY!)

Lets fast forward to next year. Simple is going to be in. Lets take a look, shall we?

Anyways, we know that your wedding should speak about you as a couple. You are joining together, so whatever style, design or image really speaks “Me and Him” then go for it! We love whatever you bring to the table!

Love you all!

Ainsley xoxo

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#18 – Lace, Lace and MORE LACE! – 2013 Wedding Trends

Yes, we have all seen Vera Wang’s 2013 collection. Filled with Blood Reds, Burgundeys and near black gowns, we all wonder, is this going to be all over the place next year??? We have seen tons of blush, blue, lavender and dark cream gowns take centre stage this summer, and they have made an impact on next years trends.

In our opinion, 2013 is going to see TONs of Lace and lace and lace and more lace. Simple lace, extravagant lace, coloured lace, lace edged veils, layered lace and the list goes on! Many different stores are rushing to fill their stocks with lace gowns of every variety, including Ruche, who’s recent look book make us all dream of wedded bliss in lavender fields dressed in lace. ( – check out the lookbook lace and lavender)

Here are some of our favourite visions of lace:

I think every bride deserves to wear whatever she feels most beautiful in, so whether it is lace, tulle, a pant suit, or a little white dress, we support you in your choice! Dont forget to feel wonderful, and beautiful!

Love you all!

Ainsley xoxo

#19 – Groom’s Lounge – 2013 Wedding Trends

It’s true!

The men in your life might be starting to take more of an interest in the wedding plans! (shocker, right!?) Have no fear, however, because that means less work for you, and more out of his pocket than yours, or whoever your financier is! (still probably you! hehe)

Things like a “grooms lounge”, “grooms cake”, your fiancé taking a sudden picky interest in his ring, and elaborate gifts for your guy, are all part of the new trends we are seeing for next year. Even some wedding shows are featuring “special” areas just for your significant other! Anca’s Bridal (Langley, B.C.) even had a grooms lounge at their recent new show!

With all that being said, here are some trends for mens that we think are cute, and TOTALLY hot right now!

As you can see, things like scotch and cigar stations, barber shop straight razor shaves, couches and cow leather are all so totally great for your special guy! Wouldn’t you want your man to have something to do at the wedding that makes him super happy? Somewhere to go with his buddies and have a few on the rocks?

Stay tuned for tomorrows post with another new trend that is classic, yet can be done in SO many fresh new ways!

love you all! Ainsley xoxo