Who We Are

Welcome to my wedding world!

My name is Ainsley, and I am the principal planner and owner of Ainsley’s Affairs. After many years of being under the name “Idea! Weddings & Events”, I decided it was high time for a little bit more of a personal connection – between you, me & now Ainsley’s Affairs. I have been planning since 2008 and founded my business (Idea!) in 2010. In the past 4 years (almost 5!) I have created and envisioned many different parties, including weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, fundraisers, baby showers, and many other memorable celebrations! We are super excited for our 2013 season!

I have worked hard these past few years to blossom my business in to a strong foundation for brides, grooms and clients alike to build an event that really stands the test of time, and has a flair of who they are. My goal is to unite and celebrate individuals and families at each event.

My other goal as a planner, business owner, and blogger is to always, ALWAYS, celebrate the earth. Ainsley’s Affairs is a eco-chic planning service, and I try my utmost to provide vendors with the same ideal’s as I do. I may not drive a Hybrid, but I do drive a Honda Fit, which I guess is the next best thing!

Last but not least, we are based in Beautiful Vancouver B.C. and it’s surrounding regions. I live in New West, just up the street from Bridal Alley, and am always connecting with businesses near my home base, and am easily accessible for brides as they saunter down Columbia’s busy bridal row.

I hope you enjoy my blog and all that I do with my AMAZING team of assistant planners, graphic designers, brides and friends, and I extend a warm welcome and invitation for you to drop me a line and come enjoy a warm beverage some time soon!

love always,

Ainsley xoxo

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