12 Days of Christmas – 11 Pipers Piping – Christmas Countdown Wedding Inspiration

12 Days of Christmas 11

It was pretty obvious that with the word “pipers” in the title of today’s inspiration, I simply HAD to make it in to some kind of scottish inspiration. I am a proud Scottish-Canadian, and my father was an immigrant to Canada, so the relations between the land of gingers is strong between my family. From tartan kilts, to heather, castles, thistles and pale skinned red heads everything about this majestic land screams incredible weddings and amazing architecture, history and scenery in to one big visual bang!

I would encourage everyone to go visit the highlands of scotland, and see how wonderful this rocky and amazingly lush country scotland really truly is!

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Only two more days till Christmas! Now that is a thought!

I think last night I got almost ALL of my shopping done! Hooray!

Ainsley xoxo


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#19 – Groom’s Lounge – 2013 Wedding Trends

It’s true!

The men in your life might be starting to take more of an interest in the wedding plans! (shocker, right!?) Have no fear, however, because that means less work for you, and more out of his pocket than yours, or whoever your financier is! (still probably you! hehe)

Things like a “grooms lounge”, “grooms cake”, your fiancĂ© taking a sudden picky interest in his ring, and elaborate gifts for your guy, are all part of the new trends we are seeing for next year. Even some wedding shows are featuring “special” areas just for your significant other! Anca’s Bridal (Langley, B.C.) even had a grooms lounge at their recent new show!

With all that being said, here are some trends for mens that we think are cute, and TOTALLY hot right now!

As you can see, things like scotch and cigar stations, barber shop straight razor shaves, couches and cow leather are all so totally great for your special guy! Wouldn’t you want your man to have something to do at the wedding that makes him super happy? Somewhere to go with his buddies and have a few on the rocks?

Stay tuned for tomorrows post with another new trend that is classic, yet can be done in SO many fresh new ways!

love you all! Ainsley xoxo