Bridal Blogger – Engagement Photos! – Tuesday Feature (Rescheduled to Thursday)

Hello all! We were very sorry to hear that our tuesday blogger Emily has been under the weather this past week. We decided to reschedule to thursday this week so that she could get some well deserved rest and time to recouperate. Are we ever thankful we did! This is a wonderful post with some of the best photo’s of Emily & Matts Engagement and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you!


I always knew the day I’d meet my future husband would be a complete surprise.  I’d be walking down some city street and the wind would blow an important paper out of my hands and there he’d be, picking it up with ease and bringing it back to me with a smile on his face.  Or I’d be standing in line ordering a coffee and he’d be right behind me; then he’d offer to pay if only I’d sit down and drink it with him.  I met my future husband in college.  That wasn’t a surprise; somehow I knew I’d meet him there.  Nevertheless, when I finally met him, it came as more of a surprise than I would have thought.

Matt Richardson.  I knew his name. I’d seen him around campus probably every single day.  We went to a small school; Cincinnati Christian University.  With only about 80 students in our graduating class, it wasn’t hard to know everyone by name.  But even with the small size of the school, Matt and I had never said as much as a “hello” to one another, until one night when he sat down at a table with me and a couple mutual friends.   It was odd at first, finally being introduced to this guy that I’d seen a million times.  I felt myself blush; he was really cute and, let’s be honest, pretty popular.  We kept making eye contact.  Then he’d smile and I’d look down at my papers and try to distract myself by talking to my friend.  Within a few minutes, though, I noticed the two mutual friends we were sitting with were texting each other under the table.  They kept giggling and saying things like “I could totally see that!” and “it’d be so cute!”  It wasn’t hard to catch on that they were probably talking about a potential couple. Matt and me.

We finally got them to go public with the news and found out my assumption was spot on.  They thought Matt and I would be a cute couple.  Of course.
I distinctly remember looking up at Matt, knowing we were thinking the same thing.  Hmm.  What would it be like to date you?  
I felt like I was on a dating show.
We both laughed that awkward “what do we do in this really weird situation” kind of laugh.  But I think we both knew our friends might actually be right.  Maybe we’d be cute together.

Well, he ended up asking for my number the next night.  We went out on our first date a week later, and we just passed our two year anniversary this last weekend.

Funny how life works like that.  We also got our engagement pictures done a few weeks ago.  That’s kinda where I became inspired to write about how we met, because when I look at the first picture we ever took together, compared to our engagement pictures, I can’t help but laugh at how much we’ve changed together.  I mean, check it out:

I laughed for a good five minutes at the difference..we look like total babies in our first picture.

We had our engagement pictures taken by d.i.a. images and I couldn’t be more excited about them.  They completely capture the joy we’ve found in the last two years of being together, and our excitement about getting married in four months.  Something to alwaysalways splurge on for your wedding is a photographer.  We’re already so thankful we did.  These engagement pictures (and I’m sure our wedding pictures in the future as well) will be all over our home as a keepsake; something you can’t have with the caterer or the wedding rentals.  I’m sure you’re dying to see more pictures of us, so I’ll let you ooh and ahh over a few more.  🙂

Bridal Blogger – The Countdown Begins – Tuesday Feature (rescheduled for Friday)

We appologize for not getting this out on tuesday. Our lives were crazy and our blogging team and wedding team was having a nutso day. No excuses however, we have to keep rolling and throwing out Emily’s awesome posts, because her words deserve to be heard. Here is a short one from her, today, but still just as important! ❤ xoxo


It’s been a crazy week for me, so I haven’t a ton of wedding planning.  That in itself stresses me out a little bit since we’re down to like 4 months until the wedding.  Yikes.

(not that I’m counting or anything)

I did get to sit down with Matt’s mom the other night to talk about the plans we’ve made so far and to work on ideas for the rehearsal dinner.  I have to say, even though Matt’s family and my family are completely different, I couldn’t be happier with my future in-laws.  I hear so many stories of strained mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationships and it just makes me so thankful that Matt’s mom and I get along.  Whenever I go to their house I feel like I’m in my own home; I don’t have to feel uncomfortable with kicking my shoes off and taking a nap on their couch—and that’s saying something ‘cause let’s be honest, I’m an introvert and it takes me a really long time to get to that level of comfort with other people.

As for the rehearsal dinner, she’s been putting it together so well.  It’s so nice knowing that someone else is handling something that takes that much planning.   She’s been talking with the caterer and organizing the menu–something I would absolutely be dreading at this point.  I can only imagine what a dream it would be to have a wedding planner to organize everything else….  I guess it’s the price I pay for being a control freak and wanting to do everything DIY.
So for those of you who hired Ainsley to plan your wedding, you’re all geniuses.

Matt and I also bought our wedding bands this afternoon!  It was completely unplanned; our original intention was just to get my engagement ring cleaned and to renew the warranty, but they had a sale and we needed to buy the bands soon anyway.  So after a little bargaining with the jeweler, we walked out with a pretty good deal and two wedding bands on their way to get sized just for us.  That’s a good feeling.  Plus the band Matt got for me is completely stunning.  I am so incredibly blessed.

I apologize that I don’t have much more to write about this week, but if there’s anything you want me to write about in the future, just let me or Ainsley know and I’ll be sure to cover it!  Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

Bridal Blogger – The First Meltdown – Tuesday Feature

We totally giggled reading this, and even Todd (my hockey loving, football playing partner) thought that this was funny, but also scary. Really!? IT COSTS THAT MUCH FOR LINENS!? I have never heard of that in my LIFE! Anyways, I will let you read all about it…

Wow.  What a week it’s been.  I officially had my first taste of bridal stress, complete with a minor panic attack, a very crazy emotional roller coaster, and quite a bit of exhaustion.  The cause of my woes?  Tablecloths.

Yea, I know.  Pathetic.

A few days ago, I realized I hadn’t checked “find linen rentals” off my to-do list, so my mom and I took a trip down town to this fun little rental place to check out pricing on tablecloths.

We should have known it was going to be a bad day when we walked up to the building and couldn’t even find the front door for a good five minutes. (This was probably our fault.)  When we finally found the door and got over our embarrassment at the amount of time we wasted, we walked inside to find a totally non-inviting warehouse full of tables and chairs and a couple old guys standing around.  Was this the right place?  According to one of the old men, yes, yes it was, and if you just follow the colorful footprints on the floor you’ll find yourself at the wedding rentals.  So on we went, one pink, blue, green, red, yellow step at a time.

We went in through the office door and stepped into a completely different scene.  Gone were the cold cement floors and stacks of storage.  This room was a wonderland of colors and linens and decorated tables.  Inspiration hit me at a hundred miles an hour (or kilometers if you’re Canadian, I guess!) and I was ready to choose my very own tablecloths.  A very sweet woman came in and asked if she could help.  Of course she could! I needed to see everything.

We chatted about the basics for a bit; where would my wedding be located, how many guests, what are my colors and all that fun stuff.  Then we got into the conversation of tablecloths and whether or not I had anything in mind.  So I told her about my vision.  Rustic elegance, I said.  I want simple, beautiful elegance.  Something unique, not overdone.  I want to look back at my wedding 50 years from now and think “my goodness, wasn’t that lovely?” instead of wincing at my choice of decorations.  So please, give me neutrals because neutrals will last forever.
She smiled at my choice.
Gray and ivory.

Off she went to another room to gather a few crisp, freshly pressed gray and ivory tablecloths to place on a “dress-up” table.  She laid out my colors and I immediately knew I had made the right choice.  This was it.  These were the exact tablecloths that would be at my wedding.  *Sigh.* If only life were really that sweet and easy.

After I felt my heart connect with these precious tablecloths, we went over to her desk to start figuring out the numbers.  The excitement was building up.  Oh, how much we were about to save by renting instead of buying!

Two-hundred and sixty-eight guests?  Let’s see, that’s somewhere around 25 tables, give or take a few.  So your total for all the tablecloths, plus the charcoal gray runners, will be . . .

Here it was.  The beautiful number that would make my little frugal heart leap for joy!

About $992.96



Lady, you are one fantastic joker.  I mean, truly, it really sounded like you just told me it will cost me almost one thousand dollars for my tablecloths.

Oh.  You’re serious?  Right.

On she went, telling me about all the services they could offer, something about delivering or options to pick up.  I really have no idea what she told me after that number, because I was having a mini heart attack.  All I did was smile and nod like “oh, totally! I spend $1,000 every single day! This is absolutely in my budget!”  




One quick glance at my mom told me she was thinking the exact same thing.  Fortunately the plastered-on smiles we were both reppin’ didn’t seem to phase the sweet sales lady.  We took her business card, thanked her over and over, let her know we’d keep in touch, and out we walked, leaving those fake smiles on until we were far, far away from hearing distance.

Needless to say, the rest of my day was spent online, looking for discount linens and recyle-wedding tablecloths.  Cheap.  I am a DIY budget bride; I refuse to spend $1000 on anything. (Except the photographer, my single exception.)  I spent half the day in one wreck of an emotional state.  Tablecloth worries turned into bridesmaid dress worries turned into ‘did I pick the right wedding dress’ worries turned into my wedding is falling apart.

But alas, super-mom came in and saved the day.  Let me just say, my mother is brilliant.   She can take anything, and I mean anything, that’s falling apart and put it back together  even better than it was in the first place.  (She probably learned this skill from dealing with her daughter’s unreasonable emotions for 21 years…)  My super-mom found tablecloths for my wedding.  The very same colors, and basically the same materials, for just $300.  And we’re buying them, which means we can re-sell them someday and make some of the money back.  Like I said, she’s brilliant.

So even though my first experience of bridal trauma was, well, traumatic, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  I’m sure all of you brides have had your fair share of this:

The bright side?  I will never have to experience tablecloth debt, thank you very much.

Blogging Bride Tuesdays! – Introducing Emily Shawgo of Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Here in Vancouver, B.C., it is soooo exciting for us to be including someone like Emily and her fiancé Matt in our blog! Coming to us all the way from Fort Wayne, Indiana is so incredibly cool for us, because we get to see and read all the things that make Fort Wayne wonderful for weddings, in contrast to B.C. (We think B.C. is gorgeous, but you should google Fort Wayne: It is SO ADORABLE. gushing!!!! – bugging Todd to go on VayCay to Indiana ASAP ahahaha!) So, without further ado, here is Emily:

Wedding dress, flowers, caterer, reception hall . . . how on earth does anyone choose anything for their wedding with so many things to cover?  Seriously, overwhelming is an understatement when planning a wedding.  I’m sure every bride understands exactly what I’m talking about.

Hi! I’m Emily, and I’m getting married in five..(ahh! five??) months.

My super amazing, irresistibly handsome fiance, Matthew (no sarcasm here, I truly think these things about him and I’m not afraid to brag), and I got engaged back in April during our final semester of college and we’ve been in a frenzy of wedding plans ever since.  Being the extreme planner that I am, I literally had my bridesmaids, churches, colors, theme, photographer, caterer, honeymoon, AND wedding dress picked out within one month of the engagement.  About 90% of everyone that I knew told me I was going too fast and planning too much; that I needed to slow down because I “still had so much time until the wedding.”  Six months later, I still disagree with them.

To all you brides, soon-to-be brides, hope-to-be-soon-to-be-brides out there, I have one thing to tell you.  One thing that I hope you get from my Bridal Tuesday posts, if you don’t get anything else at all.  And that thing is: there is no such thing as planning your wedding too fast.

If I hadn’t started planning as soon as I did, I guarantee that right now, I’d be even more of a mess than I already am trying to plan the most important day of my life.

There is, however, such a thing as planning your wedding too slow.  Obviously.  So I’d like to share some of my experiences with you, maybe to inspire you or give you some input, or even just to encourage you to keep going, because as tired as all the wedding planning will make you, it will be worth it.  I mean, c’mon, all this planning will end in a celebration and union with (hopefully) your favorite person on earth!

So, what crazy, fun, romantic, horrific wedding plans have I experienced thus far?  Well, it feels like just about everything, but I hear it’s just the beginning.  Actually, to be honest, things have gone a lot more smoothly than I thought possible.  Before I had even met Matt, I found the most lovely church to get married in while working with my parents three summers ago.  They own a cleaning business, and I needed money, so I went along with them to clean a few buildings; one of those buildings being St. John’s Lutheran Church.

It’s exactly what I imagined for my wedding.  Stained glass windows, a ‘middle’ aisle, and even a bell that rings every time someone gets married.  How much sweeter could it get?  So, as I cleaned the church every week, I would imagine it was my very own wedding day.  I would walk down the aisle with my feather duster in hand, hum a pretty tune and imagine my future husband standing before me.  Then my parents would walk in and laugh, (as they should have, I mean when I think about it, this is seriously embarrassing.) and tell me my day would come soon enough.  They were right.

After Matt and I got engaged (which, by the way, he did an incredible job of making it the most beautiful proposal. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll tell the story sometime.) we scheduled the church and made it our first official wedding plan.  Everything just about fell into place after that.  Thank goodness for Pinterest, or I would have had so much trouble organizing and planning my ideas.

One of the main reasons I am so thankful we planned so much ahead of time is the fact that Matt and I have spent a majority of our engagement long distance.  Okay, more like semi-long distance.  I’m from Fort Wayne, Indiana and Matt’s from Indianapolis, so we’re about two hours apart.  It’s really not that bad of a drive, and we see each other almost every weekend, but when it comes to wedding planning it can get a little difficult to keep him involved in everything.  So we spent every moment we could during our last semester in school planning everything that needed to be done together.  I have to say, I’m truly blessed to have a guy that really doesn’t mind being part of the wedding plans.  Sometimes a bride just needs help and support from her fiance and many, if not most, guys cringe at the thought of picking out a theme or outfits for the wedding party.  Matt was even more eager than I was to plan what his guys would be wearing.  Although, this might be because he’s even more of an extreme planner than I am, and that’s saying something.  I’m thankful all the same.  He really is the most incredible guy.  (No offense.  I’m sure all your fiance’s are incredible, too.)

Okay, so if I’ve planned just about everything, what else could I possibly need to do over the next five months?  You all know exactly what else I could possibly do:  everything else!  And that’s where the rest of this Bridal Tuesday blog will come in.  Every Tuesday until the day of my wedding, I will be filling you in on everything else.  The emotional roller coasters, the upcoming bridezilla moments (cause I’ve never had one of those before..ahem…) the excitement about my future marriage, and the intricate details about invitations, table decorations, registering for gifts (CAN’T WAIT.) and the fact that I’ll be putting a dusting feather in my wedding bouquet to remind me of all those cleaning days I spent dreaming about my Big Day.

Welcome to my wedding planning world. 🙂