Daily Inspiration Post – #2 – Creme de la Creme!

Wedding inspiration2


There is always something dreamy about a white or cream wedding! It is always so beautiful and allows the people at the wedding become the centre focus with their own beauty. It is not busy, it is not overly dramatic… it is really just the most beautiful colour! You can really do anything with it!


#15 – It’s all about the FUN! – 2013 Weddings Trends

I am a big fan of creativity in weddings, hence the name “Idea” – ALways coming up with inspiring , fun and creative events for our clients and their guests. In 2013 we are anticipating seeing and hosting INCREDIBLY fun events, thrilling everyone who happens to be there.

Some trends and ideas that we think are truly splendid, and can work at any wedding are things like: Ice Cream Sandwich stations (build your own), Mashed Potato Bars, Carnival style cotton candy stations, pop corn machines, elaborate photo booths, food trucks, ice cream trucks. We may also see an increase in entertainers, from face painters to caricature artists, magicians to acrobats, poets to tarot card readers, and even dance instructors.

Our favourite trend within a trend is the increase in group social events. Including bocce ball and crochet during your cocktail hour, and board game stations for the non dancers is always a good way to ensure there are no wall flowers hogging up the wall space! (Who wants or needs that!?)

Take a look at some of our favourite trends in photos:

Anyways, we hope you will tune in tomorrow and take a look at whatever trend number #14 will be! Also, please check out our new tuesday feature: Blogging Bride! Our American bride is really showing us what Indiana is all about!

much love to you all,

Ainsley xoxo

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