#13 – The Pocket Dresses – 2013 Wedding Trends

There is nothing better in this world than having a dress that holds all your important things (iPhone, lipstick, cards, and bar change)… trust me. I know.

So when the trend of wedding dresses with pockets came along, I was ecstatic! Gone are the days where your MOH is bogged down with your phone, lipstick, touchups and kleenex. With an ample gown, you can store all of those things in your pockets! Hooray!

Now, I have one fair warning for all those planning on stuffing their pockets full of goodies: Avoid bright coloured items! Heaven forbid your photos coming back with your neon pink phone case showing right through your beautiful dress! Also, if you are going to have things like lipgloss or lipstick in your pockets, throw them in a little ziplock first to avoid any chance of them seeping out on your white gown!

Here are some super cute pocket gowns that are super cute for 2013:


Anyways lovelies! I can’t wait to share more 2013 trends with you in the coming weeks!

Much love to you all,

Ainsley xoxo

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#17 – Less is always more – 2013 wedding trends

In the age of huge floral centre pieces, 16 bridesmaids and 18 groomsmen, gowns straight off the runway, or even worse, off of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, isn’t it time for some simplicity? Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE big weddings! Means I get to have TONS of fun planning elaborate and intricate weddings that thrill the senses! However, I firmly believe that a little simplicity goes a long way.

Imagine a reception table. No, not 15 rounds, but 3 looooong rectangular tables (we’re talking like long enough to seat 60). Now focus on the one in the middle. On this table you have one beautiful striped gold and silver table runner. Throw 5 gorgeous small, yet elegant, floral centre pieces, going no further than ones nose, so that you can still see the guest across from you. Throw some gorgeous candles and crystal holders on there, white and simple place settings with simple crystal glasses. You now have a simple, stunning and gorgeous table. There is no need for $1500 dollar table centres, when you can easily make your wedding simple, stunning and easy for all to make and create. (especially you Miss. DIY!)

Lets fast forward to next year. Simple is going to be in. Lets take a look, shall we?

Anyways, we know that your wedding should speak about you as a couple. You are joining together, so whatever style, design or image really speaks “Me and Him” then go for it! We love whatever you bring to the table!

Love you all!

Ainsley xoxo

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