Fashion Friday – Claire Pettibone

SO. I have had an obsession with a bridal designer for quite some time now. Claire Pettibone, is her name, and her dresses are FAB. U. LOUS! I cannot get over the intricate, delicate and INCREDIBLE backs on her gowns. They are simply fabulous.

Why don’t we just let her dresses speak for themselves!!!

OMG. Absolutely stunning. It is like always looking at this gorgeous vintage dress, BUT WAIT! Suddenly it becomes a blast from the 1920’s, then suddenly it is all so appropriately modern! –

Totally dying for this gorgeous very subtle ombre gown, however my favourite part of it all is the shrug! Pink with envy over here! – Dress: Dewdrop


Loving this tender moment between the bride and groom. Photo by: Paperlily photography

Ahh! Gorgeous back on this gown! (p.s. look at that runway! talk about unique and so her!) Photo:  SYPhotography

And of course, my personal fav. I am a lover of this gown simply because of the back. I think it is so ethereal, and I can just imagine a real bohemian gypsy bride in a field of tall hay with her man. uch. I am head over heels!

You can find Claire here:





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