Ch Ch Ch Changes!

Hello All,

I feel I must explain myself for the lack of activity on this blog. I must say, however, that it is for the best! To really explain where I am coming from, I must first tell you a story:

It was with great honour that I planned my first independent wedding, nearly two years ago now in 2010. It was a small affair with only 60 guests, and was a great place for me, as a planner, to really start my business. Throughout the process I really hadn’t put any time in to thinking what my business name would be, until one day the bride asked me for a name for the program. Suddenly I began to stress.

I wanted to please my bride, and show her that I was really forward thinking, and ready to commit to my business, which looking back on now, didn’t really make much sense. When it happens, it happens. Nevertheless, I began the process of picking a name…. within 24 hours. Certainly not my finest hours for sure.

I thought about it endlessly, trying to find a name that really showed off how I am obsessed with coming up with unique and fun ideas…. idea…. hmmm…. what about just Idea!….

So it stuck, mainly because I loved how with the exclamation point it really showed my love of the lightbulb popping up over my head, which happens in nearly every wedding planning process. I love that image. So, without further ado, I became Idea! Weddings. Then in 2011, I realized I loved all celebrations and quickly became Idea! Weddings & Events.

Now, with more than a year passed, I have realized that my heart is no longer connected to the name I chose for my company. I have always felt that my business name should be about me, as I am a one man owner and operator, and I do all the work for the events. I put so much time and effort in to my business, and work so hard to create weddings that are unique, special and intimate, no matter how many guests you have.

I also love the name that my mother chose for me, and she always excellent taste over all. Now that she watches over us from far away, I feel honouring her by using my name for my business would be an excellent decision, and make me even more connected to everything I do. Also, my clients will now have a way to feel like they are dealing with a personal and intimate planer, who loves everything about weddings and events.

I cannot wait to reveal the new name and branding of Idea!, and even though Idea! will no longer be around, it will always be a part of my history, and a part of my business past, forming who I am today as a woman and as a business owner.

Much love to you all,

Ainsley xoxo

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