Wednesday Thoughts: My career paths.

I am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting things in the wedding world, and really for anything that makes me happy. I think it is a 21st century thing to not be content with anything. I like to think that I am completely content, however I find that I cannot be successful with the same old, same old. I one day hope to abolish that notion of lack of contentment, and fill it with the idea (my favourite word, obviously) that we can be content, but must always be on the search to better our contentment.

Excuse my rambling.

Today dawns a new day for me. I have exciting things happening for Idea! and exciting things happening in my personal life, and somehow they all fit together. 

First off, I have a big interview for a position with David’s Bridal which is opening up in Langley in the near future. I am excited because this is hopefully going to lead to a continuation of my past experiences of working as a bridal consultant. I loved helping brides pick out the perfect gown with the perfect fit, and hopefully, if I am lucky, I will get to continue to do that.

Secondly, I have a little bit of my life to share with you to explain the next little bit of news. I am a singer. Yes, I try and sing to make a living. Shocker, I know. In 2008 I started my Diploma of Music from Capilano University (North Vancouver, B.C.) and had an amazing experience learning about all things “classical”. So now you must be wondering what kind of singer I am… well, first of all, I am not a jazz singer, nor a pop singer (probably why I am not making the big bucks haha) and most women in my genre wear big wigs, and get called Brunhilda. Any ideas?

Yes, yes, I am an opera singer. 

Many think this is the coolest thing ever. So thank you for thinking that. But to be completely honest, I LOVE IT. I love it just as much as I love planning weddings. The two make my world spin, and my knees go weak. I can’t get enough of either of them. Now, more importantly, I need to explain to everyone reading this rambling post why you SHOULDN’T, EVER, get involved in the opera world. (i love it, but it has it’s downs…)

So, this world of opera is highly competitive. There is no room for failure. You must nail your auditions, and if you don’t nail them, then you will not have a career. In fact, it is so competitive, they made a documentary about it. (ITS AWESOME, YOU SHOULD WATCH IT)

That being said, I am just at the beginning of my career. Being so young, I still have room to learn from mistakes and grow from them. I still study at least 3 times a week with my teachers and my coaches, and I practice at least two or more hours a day to prepare my voice. That leads me to the news…

I am so super excited because I am auditioning for The Vancouver Opera’s Young Artist Program. This is a highly intensive program that better’s the careers of young singers, and gains them exposure to the world of opera, through a strong opera company. Luckily enough, this program is based in my home town, which makes me super duper thrilled that I do not have to relocate for a year to participate. YAP (young artist programs) are quite amazing really. They give you the opportunity to work with industry professional’s who can really better your career, and make something out of you. You can quickly become a brand if you make the right connections.


I am thrilled to be auditioning at the end of this month. Hooray! 

Now how does this all come together? how do I fit together weddings and singing. it’s easy.

Most of my wedding things that I do: planning, coordination, decor, rentals, etc, happen during the summer months, when no singing is happening. I am lucky because I get to participate in all the career opportunities I could ever dream of during the autumn, winter and early spring, and the two just seem to fit like a glove. 

I believe it takes a lot of creativity to build a career as a singer, as well as a wedding coordinator/planner, so thankfully I have paired the two so they constantly work together. 

Talk about sheer luck that I find myself talented at both.

Wish my luck, my friends, and I hope that you have a wonderful wednesday!

much love,

ainsley xoxo

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