#14 – The Party within the Party – 2013 Wedding Trends

It is true that most people like to party. Each group of people has different ways of partying, but as a whole, society just loves to get down and jiggy with it. For the 2013 wedding season, if you are planning on attending a wedding, and you are sober/capable of still partying, expect to attend a “Post Wedding Reception Party” or better known as “The After Party”.

This all too familiar event is growing in popularity. Gone are the days where the young and hip hop to the closest bar. Oh heck no! 2013 is going to herald in the huge, over the top “after parties”, filled with more decor, more fun, radder music, and generally an atmosphere that granny doesn’t enjoy (unless your granny is Betty White, in which case she better come cause she is the life of most shindigs!).

I personally love the after party. It is where myself, the coordinator, actually gets to have a bit more fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love planning and executing all of my events, but there is nothing sweeter than having a glass of champagne with the rowdies and kick the feet back once all the tidying up is completed. Take a look at some photos to give you an idea of what to plan for your after party:

Anyways, now that my mouth is drooling looking at all that gorgeous food and fun, I should probably go make lunch or something to snack on! Please check out our wedding wednesday post, and stay tuned for more trends coming your way!

Much love to you all!

Ainsley xoxo

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