Freaky Frazzled Fridays! – Q&A: “Where Can I get good Bridal Shoes?”


I have been struggling to find a good pair of bridal shoes. I have pondered wearing coloured shoes, however, I am going for a totally classic look, and to me, white (or creme) is what I want to wear. Please help me find the perfect pair of shoes!

– The Crazy Shoe Girl”

Hello Crazy Shoe Girl!

We totally understand your frustrations! Gone are the days when you used to be able to go to your neighbourhood shoe store and get them to match your shoes to your dress (some might not even know that they did that)! I applaud you for sticking to your guns, and not swaying towards “what is popular”. I have a suspicion that you are going for a “Jackie O” inspiration, 50’s/60’s glam wedding. SO posh. SO cute!

As far as finding wedding shoes and finding them here in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, it can get tough, but I can help you with a few names of stores to steer you in the right direction!

1. Lords Shoes – Lords has a phenomenal selection of shoes, at various prices. Lords has been around for many years and has years of experience handling brides, and their many requests for matching, and beautiful bridal shoe apparel!

Their Website:

Here is some of their selection:

2. The Bay – Shoe Department – The Bay has turned a new leaf these past few years, and we LOVE their shoe department! Filled with gorgeous shoes of many shapes and colours, it never ceases to amaze and delight our fashion crazed eyes. Dependant on the season you will find more options for light and cream shoes, however, never feel afraid to ask one of their sales staff if they have any recommendations!

3. Gravity Pope – Gravity pope has a couple of stores here in the lowermainland, and every time I visit them, I always feel surprised by my finds! They have a wide variety of designer and non designer shoes, and are constantly getting in new stock. I have also had a lot of luck ordering in shoes through Gravity Pope, and think that you will probably be able to find the perfect wedding shoe at their store!

Here is their website:

Those are our top 3 stores to find a pair of beautiful bridal shoes! We hope that this first ever “Freaky Frazzled Friday” was exactly what you needed to find the perfect pair!

Stay young, and love you all!

Ainsley xoxo

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